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When Bobby met Johnny [Translation]

Title: When Bobby met Johnny

Link: Archiveofourown
Series: telefilm - Supernatural
Genre: one-shot Language: english
Rating: PG13 Commento
: Bobby had taught Dean what all the numerous attachments on his penknife were for (even if he'd had to make up a couple). Dean had taught Bobby that peanut M&Ms really were God's gift to humanity and that you never get between Sammy and a bowl of lucky charms. Bobby had promised to lend Sammy a couple of his books on the supernatural, especially as he had a feeling they'd be walking out in the kid's bag no matter what. When Bobby met Johnny
è una storia tecnicamente perfetta: perfetta nei suoi contenuti, che ammiccano ai profili caratteristici della serie cui fa riferimento, perfetta nei tempi comici, perfetta nella semplicità wanted a style that goes beyond the page and becomes a movie. The strongest feeling that there is, in fact, enjoy this one-shot is to be able to see all the players, not figures of paper, then, but of flesh: neighbors and fellow travelers. The plot, a simple example, is one of those that are good for the fandom, since the invention of fans round without changing the substance. No Mary Sue or bulky original characters, only the beauty of a past to tell all. John Winchester in the early days of his experience as a hunter, goes to Bobby Singer, because the mechanical qualities of his Impala in a secret compartment to hide the weapons. By itself, detail anything but minor, brings his two sons, and it is the complex coexistence of a grumpy widower with two cubs handle anything but the heart of a Wee! chester simply adorable.
Wysawyg steals with extreme nonchalance of the characters and returns them to the reader more lifelike than ever, from martial coolness of John Winchester, filial devotion to the Dean of the small paternal approval eager, childish selfishness of the gruff Sam's generosity Singer, everything is described in great detail and returned to the perfection of a page to remember.
Dedicated to all the devotees who - thankfully - do not think it is only Supernatural the ambiguous emotional dependence of two brothers over the top.


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