Tuesday, September 14, 2010

3d Movies And Migraines

Title: The Dream

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Series: TV Series: Criminal Minds [info] Genre: One-shot Warning: slash-evil [Pairing: Derek Morgan / Spencer Reid]
Rating: NC17 Review: is the first time I read one of his one-shot I'm shivering on Criminal Minds to be able to review babyara. I think this is one of the few (Issime) and authors who really know how to perfectly recreate the atmosphere of the series, and the chiaroscuro of events constantly to the limit within which to move the characters in the series. Featuring characters really well, however, from a victim of its own memory eidetic Reid and Derek do not really know how to deal more with that fellow who seems to have cut off from their lives. Because of this removal sudden it is that memory that brings incredible Reid to remember the details of a dream that has become a real pain. Among cases to be resolved, confidence in JJ and Garcia, discoveries and real bets with yourself, the author describes the birth of a strange relationship, ambiguous, warm and incredibly well managed in terms of narrative. Wanting attempt to identify the author with a bet, I think it's obvious * what * you were able to win it. Really good.


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