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The Day The World Went Away [Lyrics]

Title: The Day The World Went Away
Link: Supernatural fanfiction


Serie: telefilm - Supernatural
Genere: long-fiction Language: english
Rating: PG13 Commento
: I don’t exist in this world. I never have.
That was the reason Dean didn’t know him; that was why they were still alive: Mom, Jess, even Dad. Because he, Sam, wasn’t. Not in this universe. They died—because of me. Quando ho scoperto Supernatural
, with one or two years behind the rest of the world, probably, certainly did not expect that within this fandom I had the opportunity to immediately come across an author of exceptional talent and very prolific . Scribbler
, better known in fandom as Anglophone AmandaK it is precisely this: passionate, talented, prolific and astonishing, a fanwriter old school in a given fandom very recently, with results that narrative by far higher than those unfortunately descendants by
wincest prevailing everywhere.
The Day The World Went Away is in this respect, an exemplary story: faithful to the canon of the series, can be considered a "missing moment of the second season, the dovetails perfectly into the plot note. At the same time, without ever loosen the pace of narration, use the Scribbler plot masterfully orchestrated like a scalpel, dissecting the character of Sam Winchester to bring to light all the shadows. During the umpteenth hunting, the Winchester brothers calling at a haunted house that seems to have the extraordinary power of swallowing their own visitors. That fate, surprisingly, it is up to the lesser of the two, who finds himself catapulted in Lawrence, Kansas. What Sam discovers in disbelief after a while, however, is that it is not the
his Kansas, but of a size parallel in which John and Mary Winchester had one son, Dean. That is enough, however, to ensure them a long and happy life. Sam is then crushed and overwhelmed by the more dramatic with certainty: it was his coming to the world the true curse of his loved ones, its the fault of the grief that afflicted the Winchester for almost two decades. Scribbler does not indulge in self-satisfied inner drama of the character, but she tells it through the breath, thoughts, gestures of a character which depicts and describes perfectly with cinematic clarity.
If you have not ever explored Supernatural beyond the frame of a screen, this is really the time to start reading from here


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