Wednesday, September 15, 2010

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The Dream Alone Anymore

Title: Never Alone Anymore Author:

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Series: TV Series: Criminal Minds [info] Genre: one-shot Warning: preslash [Pairing: Derek Morgan / Spencer Reid]
Rating: R Review: Never Alone Anymore is a piece that lovers of the series I can not help but consider it as a real wink. In fact, this is the reconstruction of [info] after Tobias, the attempt by Reid to retrieve a daily painful and a bit of funny that even lucidity which distinguished it at any time. Recovery - of course - not only will see it. For a start alienating - that considerations on a bottle of wine on the powers of alcohol, the method that "normal people" used to exorcise their fears - following a tense and intense performance, full of many different emotions - fear, anger, uncertainty, solidarity, affection, love - but did not nothing out of place or poorly calibrated, are simply the most visible parts of a diverse array of impressions. The characters are handled in an almost "soft", there is about a basic guide to the words of the author, who is facing a very delicate issue by relating it to a already precarious situation. short, a very different story from The Dream but equally beautiful - definitely - even more intense. Just try it =).


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