Saturday, September 11, 2010

Pokemon Deluge Para Baixar Para Gba

Purple sea

Titolo: Viola di mare
Autore: Keiko-chan
Behind the mirror
Serie: real person fanfiction - My Chemical Romance
Genere: one-shot Rating: PG
Perché anche i padri piangono, sai?
Con discrezione, quando nessuno li vede e la notte scrivono canzoni o disegnano personaggi immaginari, lì, cry. And smear colors and cartoons, mottling of coffee torn sheets means they are written on the art and seek ways incomprehensible reason of his happiness but still feel incomplete. Unhappy, at least a little '. I wanted to open this review with a quotation from the text because the beauty and depth of such a story, in my opinion, are synthesized by the effectiveness of even these few lines. It 's a fanfiction wrenching
Purple sea, because the budget is lean and unforgiving of a man, Gerard Way, who runs the mirror to look rather than in the innocence of his daughter, and confesses. A man just loved, loved that so evil a winner which in the end, it always feels lost and a child aged fixed despite the claim of the eternity of their time inside. Keiko, always very good, becomes overwhelming in these pages, gives a glimpse of life and pieces of the heart, excites one line after another, punctuating the soliloquy of the protagonist with metaphors of extraordinary impact. "Bandit Viola Lee Way, if you want me as a father I'll be a disaster?"
"Paaa." I think the answer is yes. It must also be a yes to the player before the lure of a marvel as this.


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