Saturday, September 4, 2010

How To Make A Carriage Diaper Cake

Title: Photographs
Author: Francine
Link: Anonomia Authors Series: Nana Genre: One-shot Rating: PG13 Comment:
My approach with Francine Prose goes back at least ten years ago - at a guess - when still existed and when she started writing a series of stories is absolutely wonderful (and who have taught, if you can tell) in the fandom of Saint Seiya. Find it as a fanfiction author of the manga "Nana", was unusual for me. Unusual, yet pleasant, because I found out how - crescendo - Francine has acquired a narrative strong and determined, less loaded with frills but very inviting and attractive. In this simple fanfiction, Francine offers a glimpse of the thoughts of Misuzu's mother, Nana Osaki. The strength - and painful - of this confession with an open heart, confidence is the cruel and merciless mother of a daughter who Abaddon, building a life based on lies and cruelty discharged into a past that does not want to remember. What
would like to forget but who also seems to be the pretext by which to remember people remain.

A story with a narrative focus brave and unusual, deliberately violent and ruthless in his confession to be an unnatural mother, a woman who has a secret he wants to hide at all costs. A story that I found one in the fandom of Nana, and I can not applaud with enthusiasm, the emotional force with which they are presented to the author.


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