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King Of Kingz Never

Title: King Of Kingz
Author: Raiju Link: here Series: [info] real person fanfiction - Tokio Hotel - Bushido Genre: long-fiction Language: Inglese
Rating: NC21 Warning:
what if, billshido, action / adventure, angst, crossover, drama, hurt / comfort, lemon, romance, suspense, twincest Comment: Bill Looked Away From His reflection, moving Toward the bathroom INSTEAD to at least put a little makeup on. Bushido Was paying HIM to look like a pretty little doll, after all. It took me
- curiously - a lot of time talking about this story, although my expectations were high about the same, as often happens when an author you love comes into account and a couple who worship. I could say it was also because of summer holidays, which inevitably forced me to take a break just when the action came in vivo. I could say that while I was very taken by blambert in progress, therefore reluctant to make detours. The truth, however, is that King Of Kingz story is beautiful and terrible and terribly difficult to digest and read. I had not even ever begin to leave and a history of
Raiju , while wishing desperately to complete it. It had never happened to read three or four times the first five chapters, unable to move forward. Evidently not wrong, when we already figured that the author of this quiver was full of arrows and surprises that would not fail to pierce. Before you begin the review itself, a premise: King Of Kingz
is entirely unsuitable for a younger audience, because the violence - physical, verbal, emotional - that you breathe is of such intensity that even myself, an adult battleship, I was highly impressed. It is not a strong story to Majestrix
, ie a kind of Tarantino harmless enough, indeed! If I had to establish a parallel film, is Majestrix Tarantino, Gus Van Sant is Raiju (useless, right, tell you that I am a fanatic of that? XD). Although not entirely immune to errors in context - the doomsday scenario in which falls the life of Bill is very American . In no European country, probably, a public health emergency would turn into a real failure in life
- King Of Kingz
is a story that tries to depict the horror of the daily misery without special effects. His protagonists - both heroes and murderers, criminals, and great men - are all, surely, gray and wallow in a world with shades of darkness, full of cruelty and completely free, or nearly so, of compassion. King Of Kingz
is also the story of Raiju more complex style has read so far, because that suggests that the author is a real journey into the mind and heart of a Bill literally razed to the ground, who lives - and recalls - the stations of a Golgotha, for, apparently, not to have no end. The action, set in the near future, open up a scenario that the reader finds it hard to recognize, as the Bill puts in the field who is clearly not expected to meet. The smaller of the twins Kaulitz, in fact, is an activist by the name of Renn
in what is in effect a criminal organization involved in international drug trafficking. A ruthless leader of the dome, which does not scruple to use murder and intimidation, Anis Ferchichi. Bushido, abandoned a career as a rapper to get back to basics
, is now the King of Berlin, for reasons very different from those that had crowned the time of Zitadelle Spandau, and coordinates in their new business even the old artistic partners, first and foremost, of course, Fler and Kay One. E 'own during a night of many for a life of violence and robbery, which Anis finds Bill. Unrecognizable - dirty, sloppy, lacking of its most distinctive traits, such as black hair and makeup labeled - the smaller of the twins Kaulitz struggling life with a job as a waiter, he sleeps in a dirty sleeping bag and, with good evidence to make their mark, literally fallen from the stars of the road to the outhouse. Despite the resistance of the boy, Bushido picks it up, takes it with him and turns it into something which lies midway between a team member and a pet. Renn, in fact. What the reader wonders, however, is what happened to so dramatic that Bill - Bill Kaulitz that - you find yourself scraping the same bilge existence. Above all, what happened to Tom. Raiju, with incredible intelligence, narrative and shreds the background of Renn in a million little pieces, distributed in the story without any regard to chronological order. Rather than tell really, in fact, Bill caresses on your skin a real nightmare: Tokio Hotel in crisis, Simone, who gets sick and dies, the need to sell everything to meet its debts, the street, prostitution. Almost overnight, the most famous twins in the world are forced to live a life of hardship and gimmicks, as long as Bill, in despair, begins to sell itself - as in disbelief, the same constaterĂ  Bushido, literally extorts the confession, for a handful of pennies.
E 'on account of one such report - violent and degrading - that Tom saw his brother dying reduced by a customer, it becomes murderess and ends up in jail. That Bill is a free fall into an abyss of despair, alone, hungry, deprived of everything, trying to scrape together something to get Tom to return to freedom and is at this point that is the Bushido. Who is Bushido? Its role is ambiguous and is defined on page after page: Bill sees it first as a kind of benefactor, someone who, in one way or the other, assures him a decent life - Bushido welcome him into their house and almost requires them to return what it used to , funding her wardrobe, and every other vice. With time, however, their relationship becomes a manipulative and narrow, in which reason and feeling, generosity and cruelty, choice and psychological subjection come together in a knot close. One of the most intense moments between the two, not coincidentally, is when Bushido Bill offers to pay for a night of love, a proposal that triggers a reaction in the dramatic intensity. The former rapper is certainly in love with Bill - the coolness with which he sometimes it is especially the daughter of a unspoken sense of guilt for not helping him first - but it is difficult to speculate on the real emotions of Bill, distressed, among others, by a terrible secret: the night of sex with Tom consumed. As suggested by Raiju with incredible sensitivity, in fact, is that the Bill will usher in fall long before the prostitution in the strict sense to raze his self-esteem, dignity, self-respect, is first of all the 'having yielded to an instinct and uncontrolled beast, which has, somehow, dirty forever. King Of Kingz is a real trip to hell, where, unexpected, open slots from infinite sweetness - like the scene where Tom gets a guitar in prison, perhaps one of the rare moments when the squalor gives step to peace. It reflects the geography of the story - and peripheral cold night, or indoors in a luxury ambiguous - but it reflects, above all, language: ruvidissima, violent, often slangy, highly mimetic. Raiju does not try to be nice and make edible
his words tattooed the image with a sharp needle and is really bad. Maybe not his best story, maybe it's not his story more
typical, but it is really a bet that I recommend to lovers of this couple, if only for the intensity of trade in opposing Bill Bushido, sensual and sexual as you probably have never told them. Guaranteed.


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