Saturday, September 11, 2010

Why Women Get Jelous Of Women


Title: Beyond Our Disguises Author:
Link: EFP
[Serie HERE]
Series: real person - Tokio Hotel
Genre: Long-Fiction Rating: PG
Commentary: the many - many, many reasons - for I believe
_Princess_ is an author to read, to love and to browse, the extreme delicacy with which he brushes the sentimental theme in his stories is undoubtedly one of them. Although I appreciate the authors in fact powerful prose, often provocative (or violently provocative), and in love instead _Princess_ sensitivity and sweetness with which approaches to the emotions without trying stubbornly sensational, morbid or cloudy. Its pages are pastels suitable for any reader who finds himself bound and conquered by the pleasure of a story told in each case with extreme care and great attention to detail. In this respect, Beyond Our Disguises is a classic romantic comedy to _Princess_
, where, it is well known, the label is to ensure a quality of plot data from some of our items topical: a female character rupture, which triggers a crisis situation and growth in one of the band, a setting well-kept and detailed, with specific references to the history of the group, a rich style without being sought in vain, that reached peaks of authentic beauty in a tight dialogue. Beyond Our Disguises is the story of two worlds, all of a sudden, they are to collide: on one hand Norje, author of gothic and reserved, yet unresolved insecurities among all adolescent and a disenchanted, often cynical realism, on the other Tom Kaulitz, beautiful, famous, issimo and bloated arrogance that derives from the supposed invincibility of a role. It is not love at first sight between the two: the attraction is undeniable that even the shy writer, guitarist in evidence against the bumper and often makes the icily caustic, triggering those wonderful skirmishes and strained dialogue which are also one of the reasons why
love this author. _Princess_ has, in my opinion, a rare talent for scenes of conflict during times of emotional stress, his characters burst with a charge of humanity that permeates the reader straight to the heart and that makes them unforgettable. Although the plot then focuses primarily on Tom, the author has been able to reconstruct short inserts in the overall chemical group, their formula-band family, returning to the page as any fan would expect.
One story, therefore, be included in the golden book of tributes, along with many other pages with which the happy pen _Princess_ feeds the dreams of its lucky readers.


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