Saturday, September 11, 2010

I Heart Boobies Colors


Title: Illusion
Author: Lovelie
Series: Harry Potter
Genre: drabble Rating: PG13
Comments: Write a drabble is a notoriously difficult inhuman even for someone like me is not by nature a talkative textbook. Write a drabble on a complex character - brought to you by vocation, therefore, spend rivers of words - however, a gamble that few can indulge without fear of a poor result. It is not the case of Lovelie , obviously, that sweep in just a hundred words a portrait of the controversial impeccable Severus Snape.
Illusion is the parable of a sentimental education that moves inexorably to the loss, but is, above all, a story of contrasting colors: red to shining Lily oppose the faded colors of a fragile teenager unsolved, closed around I am a shy and mortally wounded. It 'just this image of a young Severus and feeling helpless in front of an absence, which affects the reader and sums up the character as a thousand words would not do more. be read a thousand and a thousand times more.


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