Saturday, September 11, 2010

Elephantitis Of The Nuts

A true Gryffindor

Title: A true Gryffindor
Link: EFP Series: Harry Potter Genre: [info] one-shot Rating: PG13 Remarks: A true Gryffindor is masterly in its kind a fic. Master because I interpret perfectly the spirit of the saga, and so masterful, in my opinion, embodies the
fanstory par excellence. PaytonSawyer compound with great skill the ingredients of the original series, condensing into a narrow space even, narratively speaking, an entire emotional universe. The story of Neville, who brings in the corpse and that never used to buy pain and luster in the eyes of others, his courage so incredibly sensible - to establish a counterpoint to the insane and so heroic Harry - become the main theme of However, a tribute that celebrates the magic of the whole parable School, opening with the sacrifice of Dumbledore, to close, in a sense, with the immolation of Snape. A style essential, but not thin, and great attention to the dialogic exchanges combine to make this page a small monument to the fandom that it's worth to know and you to browse.


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