Saturday, September 11, 2010

Stone Shiny Onde Encontrar

The voice of the angel went out

Title: The voice of the angel went out Author:
Link: EFP
Series: Nana
Genre: drabble Rating: PG13
Comment : This drabble is not the most original or surprising to be in the fandom around the chapter (so far) the most tragic of the manga (the death of Ren), yet has an intrinsic beauty which, in my opinion, is worth the taxes proper attention. The more I appreciated was the use made by the author of the language which allows plenty of overcoming the cliché of 'angel to introduce very powerful images. An all?
Lips hatched letting the vocal harmonies, and yet, at times, his breath issued circles filled with melancholy and sadness abstract. The idea of music as an empty circle way I thought it was a perfect metaphor to describe the new
Nana, and thus add to the already rich succession of Lovelie yet another picture, nice and perfect down to the detail. For all fans of the manga, in other words - and more!


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