Friday, September 17, 2010

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Andersredenden Männern

Title: Andersredenden Männern



Series: real person fanfiction - Adam Lambert / Tokyo Hotel Genre: [info] one-shot Rating: R Warning: slash, language
Comment: The truth is that Bill and I talk two different languages, we can not understand why start from the premise dissimilar and we have intentions that are not compatible. [info] Andersredenden Männern is by far my first blambert in Italian and I must say that I could not hope for a debut happier, because the singularity of the couple get married to an interpretation of the characters that I found very plausible and very accurate. Andersredenden Männern can not certainly be called a love story, because the nature of feelings in the game seems entirely incompatible with such a label. I would not say we can not completely speak of an affection or an offer
unilateral, because beyond a profession of intent rather than explicit in Lambert, a narcissistic self-congratulation - perfect to describe the character - takes over the vulnerability that love should be presumed. Adam and Bill have two boys who are exploited sexually and you have, because they were attracted to each other, but can not scratch it in depth. Bill does not do it for fear. Adam does not oppose the Bill because it fails to break a barrier that only physical domination. In a very small space,

a fight scene on the sets of characters that is reflected especially in the exaltation of a particular person: Adam Lambert. A sweet guy, but not cloying or effeminate, who knows what he wants, that is not afraid to get it and not even afraid of hurting those around him just to reach a goal. Simple and straightforward in style, without frills, which would make up a record kept deliberately conversational tone,
Andersredenden Männern is really an encouraging debut for a fandom that has just been born, but, apparently, already a highly respected author!


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