Saturday, September 11, 2010

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A grave covered by cherry

Title: [info] A grave covered by cherry Author: Keiko-chan Link: Behind the mirror

Series: Tokyo Babylon/X-1999
one-shot Rating: PG
Warning: shounen-ai
Comment: A grave covered by a fanfiction cherry
is not original, as example: the author, in fact, fits into the genre of works devoted to the tragic pair Subaru / Seishiro with a text that appropriates and elaborates all the topoi characteristic of the genre. Yet, if only because each author has (should, at least) a proper measure, Keiko build a page that, in my opinion, can still tell a lot to the lovers of the pairing. The plot, as mentioned above, it is common to an entire genre: the curse Hokuto has finally come true. Subaru Sumeragi breadwinner, is now the new Sakurazukamori, having killed the great love of his life during a tragic, epic battle which binds to the same fate of the world. Subaru and Seishiro are a mirror of the other, attract each other like opposite poles of a magnet, but, above all, are destined to devour. The theme of the reunion, which is in fact a mockery of separation - Subaru Sakurazukamori becomes, finally, losing forever its Seishiro - is very strong in a history marked by the combination of Eros / Thanatos to the last, lapidary assertion that closes the parable . It was as if Death and Love were in a chase gioco crudele che non avrebbe portato a nessun vincitore cinto di alloro, ma solo a un solitario perdente privato dell’amore.
Proprio come lui. Per i cultori della coppia - e non solo - da leggere assolutamente!


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