Saturday, September 11, 2010

Swot Dolce And Gabbana

Title: Broken
Author: _Princess_
Link: EFP
[Serie HERE]
Series: real person - Tokio Hotel
Genre: one-shot Rating:
Comment: this review should be inaugurated with a motto that I plan to always keep in mind when I'm about to give the arrogant claim to say that it is actually a writer - because, of course, I already know well almost for sure that what ' I dispelling author.
Never believe that you understand an author without having read it all, without having touched all his ropes and, more importantly, without having explored to the full depth of the arpeggio. With this story _Princess_ gave me a good lesson in humility: he has enmeshed finally, amazed and even more convinced of the genuine treasures of His blood. Why? Because it is completely reinvented in style, themes, compositional choices, building a page that ranks the antithesis of his well-known comedies. If the courage of a choice so unorthodox (let's be serious! A name like his could live in rent, no?) Is not enough to tributarle the praise it deserves, is the intrinsic value of a story that can be summarized in a handful words, but which offers an ocean of emotions. Everything is played on opposite poles of a magnet called fame: her, Val, Lady GaGa is a German. He, Tom Kaulitz, a fetish for older adolescents in a story angry, violent, and often degrading, you lose and grows. They love each other? I would rather say that you have
, because the violence of their meetings and matches almost a wild obsession. It 's a page ruvidissima, who never indulges in the pursuit of formal perfection, but rather exacerbates the discord, building a powerful plot that explodes - and here we find the usual, very good _Princess_ - in tight dialogic sequences. In their trade, often linked to mad embraces, Tom and Val swallow nails and if you throw up on him with a ferocity that makes the perfect measure of sensuality and sexuality of their involvement. short, another master page of an author who seems incapable of disappointing.


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