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strangeness in the night

strangeness in the night
Author: meggie87

Series: real person fanfiction - Adam Lambert Genre: [info] one-shot Rating: PG13 Warning: slash (soft)
Comment: And while Adam rolled off his bed and was walking towards his as if nothing had happened and, indeed with a beautiful smile on his face, Kris realized that if he continued to stare like that, no, would not have anything stuck in the bud. [info] Since I became interested in Adam Lambert, almost was not enough to write about Tokio Hotel consign to infamy in the annals of fandom, the story was really desperate to find a page that Lambert was actually returned to the fans for what that is, a cat mammon. It 'was so embarrassing even with a share of joy that I read, reread it and decided to love strangeness in the night, one-shot whose simplicity is combined with a splendid portrait of Lambert. Funny, irreverent, light without being trivial (though never quite the opposite!), This one-shot puts Adam in comparison with that which is his victim designated in the fandom glambert , Kris Allen, in the glorious days of the eighth season of American Idol
. The very poor Allen, intimidated by the exuberant roommate to the point of falling into an irresistible loop considerations limit of psychosis, is the protagonist and the main focus of a page where the fandom cliché and reality are juxtaposed with masterful fluidity. The style of

, simple and without frills, and immediately makes an enjoyable narrative from the plant Photo: more than reading of the two protagonists has the impression of seeing them. If you love or if you are just curious by Adam Lambert, then do not miss the opportunity to peek into the room he shares with the poor Kris: surely something will happen!


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