Saturday, August 28, 2010

Milena Velba Clear Cookies


The ignorant people who believe intelligent, highly educated and well prepared in areas that do not compete in any way and that their think that is enough to know the publishing industry to know someone who does the cleaning in the office by Pinzo Panzo Editor - I pray that there is no warning or else he too - should first do not break my balls with his other idiocies of "anti-paladin" and do not insult people without names, because it is cowardly, cowardly and does not have the balls to speak.

Secondly, if the young lady in dry matter who fills the FB "eap anti war" as if "social emergency" remove him who FB clogs. If it were meant for me, Miss, I have no idea what his name - because hiding behind the nick, people who love to criticize so cowardly - otherwise I would have satisfied me. In addition, he was not entitled to complain, she added me: I've added three people on FB, and it's all people I know.

Since the human idiocy amuses me beyond all limits, I will adapt to the intellectual paucity of certain people, and I will not mention the wonderful person who has fun on his space to insult those who try to lend a hand to people.

Girl, however, fuck you;) and learn to have the balls to put in front of your face, like me in the video that you linked. Otherwise, your credibility goes to hell.
cowardly .


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