Sunday, August 8, 2010

Samaire Armstrong Al Desnudo


Last night I spent two hours trying like crazy a wallpaper Tenchu. A gray and black wallpaper, with the word "Destiny Awaits" at the top, this here.
Where was the problem? In the fact that that link is the only one that exists online and functioning of the template, and there I put after I found packed in a zipped archive of images of Tenchu.
It was only Tenchu Checkpoint , provided by far the most popular website across the web, which is sadly offline since 2008 when was torpedoed by a hacker attack. There were beautiful pictures, as well as much material now lost, but at least I have the pictures and put them safe.

Hence, my decision to create a site on Tenchu. I do not know his stuff to help Rikimaru Azuma Village, or if I will create one for myself, I hear what you think Rikimaru and then decide.

In any case, as you see I have completely renovated the LJ. The name is the title of the final level - played with Ayame - Tenchu 2: Birth of the Stealth Assassins, the layout is wonderful and I found on Gawadriel Design, and icons are all of Tenchu, among Ayame, Rikimaru and various citations.

I feel at home again.


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