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monsters under the bed [Translation]

Title: The Monsters Under the Bed
Author: Scribbler
Link: Archiveofourown
Translator: Neve83
Link: Archiveofourown
Series: TV series - Supernatural
Genre: one-shot Language: Inglese
Rating: PG13
Comment: In the bed next to him move someone. Mindful of the images of the dream, dared not even look at Sam, until he heard the sleepy voice of Dean. "What's your problem?" Sam blushed. "None." He murmured.
even under duress would have told Dean that he had just dreamed. Why dream about his brother having sex with sexy diner waitress was lousy and that's it, from whatever perspective you see. monsters under the bed is a story out of loyalty to the canon and vivacity of composition can rightly be said to be perfect, the reader, in fact, is the pleasant impression to attend the umpteenth episode of original series and nothing less . The plot, apparently very simple, a profile that highlights much of the fanbase has ignored in favor of interpretive
detours of dubious taste: the controversial relationship between the Winchester brothers, suspended between love and resentment, rivalry and guilt.
Scribbler puts his Sam Winchester - faithful to the original character - in terms of dreaming the dreams of his brother. It 'an epiphany and a sentence together, because abandonment is the dream that is revealed and this is extremely vulnerable to the lesser of hunting brothers Dean surprising. What he learns, therefore, of a brother who has always seen as a protector and as a reference point? Definitely a passion for beautiful women, reports of robbery, but also - if not above - the need for a family: the longing for what he has lost too soon, and the desire to build one in the near future. Scribbler
once again demonstrates his great talent as a storyteller, combining the beauty of his prose also the devotion of true fan, which feeds on the original plot and knows how to enhance it with lightning and continuous quotation.
A story, in short, a must for all fans.


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