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The unknown heroes [Translation]

Title: The unknown heroes [info] Author: Scribbler
Link: Archiveofourown Translator:
Link: Archiveofourown
Series: TV series - Supernatural
Genre: one-shot Language: Inglese
Rating: PG15
Comment: ritual that had kept alive for over thirty years. In good years he had been forced to come back no more than once or twice. But lately ... Yes, there was a war taking place at that time, even if it was not telling the newspapers. And as in all wars, people died. Their names would never have been known to the world, but could at least be assured that once gone, would not be forgotten.
unknown heroes, in my opinion one of the most beautiful pages have been written on Supernatural (and not only because writing it was definitely my favorite author), the sensitivity with which to catch those shows Scribbler profiles are more emotional and poignant of the series, not surprisingly, goes well with its emphasis on a central character in the narrative, but that is too often forgotten: Bobby Singer. The unknown heroes
is certainly a monument to his character, but above all the celebration of the universe hunters. As it carves the name of Dean Winchester on the rough stone that remembers the dead of a war unknown to most, Singer weaves the epic spirit of a suicide mission, made up of dark and sacrifice for oblivion. Who actually are the hunters, if not crazy for a sacrifice without a
thanks? Scribbler's prose is dry, merciless, and yet full of compassion, who comes out of his page is not a character but a person who turns the reader a face furrowed by wrinkles, fatigue and pain of living. And you leave, generously, to watch. Recommended
certainly a anyone has even heard of this series.


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