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How blue

Title: How blue Author:
Avalon9 Link:
Erika Fanfictions' Page
Series: Saint Seiya
somber, introspective Alerts: None
Rating : PG15
Comment: How
blue is certainly a story that makes the substance of the notices have been affixed: melancholy and poignant. It 's a tribute to the character of Aiolos, but above all a portrait of a man coming out from the stereotype and becomes flesh. Hypostatized the icon of hero without stain or fear, the knight of Sagittarius is perhaps the least explored saint, most misunderstood, too often dismissed as an easy label
perfect martyr. The author, however, recovers in this one-shot, the more human dimension, that of courage, fear and regret. Aiolos knows he must bring
only the weight of a world of near collapse, knows he must die, even if its determination exudes life predicts the weight of their actions, yet still chooses to act. A hero, Aiolos, but a hero tragic, as Hector and Achilles as. Avalon9
captures the beauty of this oxymoron - a human hero - and translates it into a page dall'indubbio value.


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