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Paragraph Einhundertdreiundsiebzig

Title: Paragraph Einhundertdreiundsiebzig
Author: Sar @ [ [info] eclectic_doll ]
Link: Fictionaldream a bet. I believe it was for the author, it is likewise for the reader, which is to deal with a difficult world, in some ways even incorrect and - certainly - fascinating German legislation on the family policy to the relations between blood relatives. Starting from this information - and the infamous § 173 - the author reconstructs the story of the Kaulitz twins, their total love, endless, desperate, the media event that comes around their relationship and that will result in a court case. I think this is one of the strengths of the story: the way in which the author - however, insiders - can handle the endless universe and fascinating law. All this, however, without boring, but intrigued the reader, making them part of what is happening, enabling access to a dimension that - usually - does not belong. Here, then, add the perhaps most of the * live * fanfiction: his being - mind you - a story of
fans and
for fans. It 's wonderful to see how the fandom is made to share the story, it's nice because it gives back to the fandom at its most beautiful, positive and important: to be all together for something - or someone - you believe in, fight for him, literally put themselves into play. Reading it is impossible do not smile in the face of actions by Abigail and Corinne, the red and blonde, so different yet so friendly, really ready for anything - even to challenge the Lady Universal - to help the twins. They, then, and will face Andreas Lorenz, another masterpiece of characterization of the author. It 'really hard to remain indifferent to the words of Lorenz, one of the best lawyers in Berlin, as it is hard not be charmed by the words he uses, in the mode of thinking that characterizes the character. A three-dimensional figure in every respect, in short. Speaking of the story, then, it is impossible not to be fascinated, attracted by increasingly frenetic pace, soaring to a dish that leaves the reader impressed, thrilled, shocked and yet relaxed. It is worth trying, right?


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