Monday, November 22, 2010

Playground Games For Ks2

The order is everything .... but certoooo

So ... where to start this post I know that no one ever read?!
Well, I say start from the beginning it seems to me obvious.

As some will know well, was released the last Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and I like a good fan of Potter and Rowling, I even booked places for one week in advance vedermelo.
course, as I was saying a few months now, the film went from silly and for all families, real horror and death ...
short, it was only the first part and was already a mess of dead people.
The scene then that I was more traumatized, was one in which I have seen Dobby and Harry to die on that beach that dug the grave to give him a decent funeral

After the movie, Alia was all excited because He had seen her home
Malfoy Draco madly in love and in fact had come dressed for the occasion and Marco Slytherin was Mad-Eye Moody (the one who died immediately in the film).

The next day, I went to Bergamo (thank you for all that's holy that Marco scarrozza around the world and never wants anything in return) for the birthday of Sacchy and Greta.
I made him a most pleasant surprise, because until the night before, I knew that I could not even come
As the lead gift of USB stracolmente of their favorite works. At
Greta; Artbook Junjou Romantica most of Yaoi at will
the Sacchy; all doujinshi Reborn in Italian that I found.

I look forward to the Cosplay!


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