Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Why Do Some Men Let Their Pinky Nail Grow?

Lucca, Schiappino The Family, The Family and Giorgy Baita Heidi!

And finally we returned from the mythical Lucca! The weather this year seems to resent had against us poor cosplayer, but eventually I made it hard to see us even if we send down the flood, we go the same with our feet cosplay!

And now, a brief account of this adventure of your legendary Founder:

Thursday - October 28, 2010 -

A full day passed between a train and the other ... the series;
pulling up and down the suitcase, not only do I split sticks Hentai pro but I also caught a 4 bruises to his leg ... *
Gixye: I guess that will come now that the Perona die if she continues to be hurt * *
Perona: ç___ç I got sick again with a suitcase * *
Gixye: = _ = ".... Indeed
* * Simo: I like trains ^ ^ *

Eventually, we arrived at the mysterious Garfagnana that looked a lot like the village of Heidi.
The guy who had to come and get the car you are not alive and so did I, as a good parlatrice * * But where, I called the taxi to go to the Casa La Baita * Heidi *
The beauty of that house, besides the fact that he was in the ass to the wolves who had not had the slightest shadow of heaters. In its place there were the Burner for oil that smelled like crazy * my cover of Sweden, it still stinks
* Once you arrive and settle down, we went to eat in the only restaurant or bar bar bar super qualsicosasia.

Friday - October 29, 2010 -

The alarm on my cell rings at 5 am. The room is cold and immediately turn on the heater. Do not believe, because it was cold ...
began to dress up in cosplay and at 7, we are ready to exit. Outside
the only miss was founded ...
To go down to the station, we are forced to take the school bus ... the series, Simon was in a rather embarrassed, and when we cosplay have seen up nn know if they were frightened or shocked.
arrived at the station, we immediately jumped in the only open bar and there I make a decent breakfast with hot milk and croissants by the strange taste. 8.30
are already on the train to Lucca.
50 km On the way .... How to Milan Bergamo daily = _ =

arrived, we immediately catapult the ticket office and then, everyone in the stands! The Lau
the stopped every two to three for him a fate, while I was practically in plain clothes =_=.... And what about ... more

Saturday - October 30, 2010 -

We wake up with a sky that seems to want to tear down much of that water but in the end it's all smoke and no fire.
sminchiosa front of the fountain, the first groups to gather Hetalia, and Reborn Kuroshitsuji 3 ... Possibly the most popular series of the moment.
After all, I can meet the legendary Martina mutandara ...

Sunday - October 31, 2010 -

Rain ... Lots of rain ...
In the house after the war, no one seems to want to get to Lucca apart Gixye and mama who go to nine in the morning.
At 11, Lau and I decide to follow suit and call a taxi and go down so we went down to the station.

Monday - November 1, 2010 -

I'm going back home with the train.
* note: I took the Eurostar ticket with a regional controller and not even asked me a ticket .... that ass! *

And to conclude, here's a video montage of this absurd adventure Lucca:


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