Thursday, November 25, 2010

Is Japanese Sharking A Crime

Snow?! ... No Thanks

And here we are with another update on the front Milanese.
According to rumors and news, should it snow for the weekend ... For the series "but just when we are to comic dick!"

short, Lucca I Busca;
- zero degrees of
mountains where we stayed - The rain so hard that anyone would turn pale and
Now that I have to go to the Cosplay, where among other things that I will perform a skit with me from the torment from Rimini Comics, the sky had decided it was the right time to unload a little bit of snow
Ah but I will not stop me from anything or anyone!

Tomorrow I'm going a little by her grandmother (which translated means, I'm going to scrounge some penny for the show)

Then what else ?!... Oh yeah ^ ^

I started reading Bakuman seriously and I must say that I'm falling in love all the characters literally (except for women is obvious, except that I Yaoista) and especially of Eiji Niizuma (pictured below is the dress angel)


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