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Lullaby in bloom

title: Lullaby in bloom
Author: NaiNai
Link : EFP
Series: Real Person - Placebo
Genre: Introspective
Rating: G
Notes: Long-fiction Complete
Comment: Nai who always manages to write stories with a well defined structure, I learned a long time (Thank You For The Venom was a great love, as we well know). What struck me in this fanfiction was the description of a hypothetical future apt and discovering the beauty of the relationship between father and son who falls apart between a past that is a present and a future disconcerting. The yield of the characters was excellent, by Brian Molko un'Helena cynically correct in that it is a woman who gives way to self-pity, but rather demonstrates the strength of a free woman who loves respectable and respected, a sixteen Cody absolutely at the mercy of events of a family that falls apart under his gaze helplessly. Nai has provided an excellent cross-section of humanity and everyday life (a bit 'out of the ordinary, perhaps) with problems faced by "ordinary mortals" of one of the most annoying - of course for myself, since it is I do not know how to love or Placebo or, even less, their frontman - the music scene today. An intense and very strong family split, with the reconstruction of a relationship between parents and son of a beauty and a disarming realism, stuffed in a sublime way by maliconica and poignant prose of the author. Unmistakable style, visual and visionary, yet another story read and seen, in some stunning scenes that leave the reader with a sense of complete bewilderment and wonder at their beauty. If I were to define the style of Nai I would do with "ephemeral" because of the construction period, in the vision and construction of the scenes, there is always this alone maliconico between the suspended and remains the strength of a 'author continues to surprise me with every new production. A story done and over who did not fail to excite the sweetness that inevitably leads to the adolescence of Cody, the beauty of the scenes and the sweetness of a well-deserved happy ending.


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