Saturday, December 11, 2010

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Father and Son

Title: Father and Son
Author: LadyVengeance
Link: Helicon Place
Series: Real Person - Avenged Sevenfold
Genre: Introspective , maliconico, romantic
Rating: G
Notes: Oneshot
Comment: The first thing I was struck by this author is the perfect characterization, in a context (and fandom) permeated by the ferocity of the slash, and this is certainly honor. The second was with considerable satisfaction, the creation of a single female character, sweet and terribly woman, placed in a star system from . Medix is a celebrity, is not just a neighbor or classmate back from nowhere: no, it is part of the same world of lights and reflectors that have engulfed the lives of five Californians, making it terribly credible as a character. Medix has a son and for him would be willing to give up on any thing, even to the fame and success. And all ' love.
When I read this fanfiction I was struck by many things: the sweetness of the story, the sincerity of the sentiments of Matt, stupidity - good-natured - Syn, the maturity of Medix and the sweetness of a child who is ; absolutely true in his being the son of a celebrity. The story is absolutely delicious, with a final incalculable and an exchange of words in closing to put the chills. Recommended to anyone who wants to know the band in their uniqueness, through the eyes of those who have saputi understand the folds of songs and guitar solos.


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