Saturday, December 18, 2010

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"The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader "= slash, slash, slash most blessed! ♥

(From the series: in a little 'will also slashes the rocks and inanimate objects * w *)
* clears throat *
Well, here I am.'m Starting my new lj ( the old one is dead and gone, do not even remember the password D:) with one of my current fixations, or the slash. Tend to prefer the RPS football, but ... Go and see this wonderful stramaledettissimo and third film of the saga of Narnia, and then tell me if Caspian and Edmund are not a slap-ship! My God, every scene with them was there with gleaming eyes and the air to fangirl with neurons in ferment fanwritare plans already in full blast. They watch the stars together, challenge each other to a duel (odi et amo, awwww! *-*), Caspian saves his life and connections as well the armor, and Edmund looks almost always air-adoring. Yes, I repeat: aww. They are wonderful. ♥
... And no, I think now I'm going to write a little. Maybe its about them, yes! * __ * *
leaves heart-shaped origami throwing *


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