Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Prostate Cancer Survival Rates Gleason

'Brokeback Mountain', aka how-to-reduce-the-signed-edge-of-a-river-of-tears.

was a long time I wanted to see him, I told myself a long time that now convinced that for a slasher like me could not miss watching a film like this really be said for that. And eventually I did, between yesterday and today, against all and sundry to smadonnando megavideo for his continuous blocks, and then sighing and moaning in a very pathetic and hopeless about for the duration of the film.

I remember only one word: wonderful . In fact, I would have many others in the repertoire, but they would all be synonyms of it. He left amazed, touched, distraught, excited, deeply affected. He left me confident that shit, yes, that was really love, other than the usual banal comedies today stereotyping fairly bleak feelings. That was true love, real, passionate, painful, hopeless and impossible to repress, and perhaps made their own unique dala so terribly aware of its 'diversity', if it can be defined. Jacknondovevamorire, diosantissimo.NONDOVEVA.

I do not know how to explain it, but they were just perfect . Every scene, every word, every argument, and then tent, and a kiss on the porch - ohdiosanto, the kiss on the porch. And the shirts, and 'Jack, I swear' , and the damned soundtrack do not know how did I get to the end credits without bursting into tears. I do not really know, really. Not to mention the masterful interpretation of both characters: Jake so passionate and impetuous as Jack, and loving so irrational, and Heath-Ennis so terribly alone, closed so miserable and unable to break everything off forever from the other.

No, really, I have no words. I do not have enough, and even if I had not would make the slightest justice to the beauty of this poignant and moving film. Movies that I already know, I'll see several other times, because it is one of those where you fall in love at first sight and without being able to do anything.


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