Thursday, February 17, 2011

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Arsenal-Barcelona, namely: 90 'of pure and prayers imploring fangirlaggio Fabriqué.

And in the end has come and gone. The game of the year expected more, the two teams which are more devout you are challenged in a stadium that boasts one of the most beautiful and fans together in Europe ( for the record, I want a scarf 'Arsenal, they are beautiful ç_ç ). E 'come and past, and was as beautiful as expected and hoped.
Needless to stay here to do technical reports or commentary of the match and we have already thought the reporters, that very effectively - for once say something sensible, Alleluia! - Claimed that this was by far the most interesting part of this CL clash, which saw two teams face each other like that today, more than any other, are the emblem of the soccer spectacle.
I am proud to love them so much, yes. ♥

Beyond this, my 90 'were a mixture of pain, euphoria and expectation, all with a good dose of spirit fangirlaggio acute that I had thoroughly repress in the presence My father and my sister, already quite baffled by the fact that when Piqué - already warned - was cautioned for a foul on Cesc, I jumped up on the sofa and I shouted something like, 'You're an idiot! So you lose your return, you idiot! '. I do not know how I kept from adding a 'so there will be Fabriqué in the second leg!'. Spirit of survival, probably.

And then, of course, I wanted so much Fabriqué. But, maybe not. Everything pirlozzi those two have managed to do together was that the foul and then nudge from Cesc gratuitissima Geri line baseline ( that he believes the items on that cow is jealous and Shakira? Vai, Cesc, go and kill! ). And I was hoping for a hug like last year or so in an official statement with a ring at the center of the field after the final whistle .

T___T Anyway, the beautiful game and deserved result for Arsenal and fierce fighting that has never given up - even if there is to say, beyond the goal RVP has not shone at all.
I am sure that the return will be just as spectacular, but inside me weep bitter tears because of the impossibility once again to see those two on the same field CWC


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