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The publisher eats € 1600: actual costs and contributions to New template comparison

The publisher will eat € 1600. I your attention?

There is a very simple way to check if the publishers want a fair price when they fire requests contribution or not, and do is to get a quote from a printing press.
But first, let's be clear what the word contribution: what each gives to participate in achieving a common goal (Zingarelli)
contribute to the costs, then, does not mean pay all costs. And all publishers talk, in fact, contribute to the costs of . Let's start with a

type of printing with high quality materials, far higher than those typically used: coated paper 100 gr, 300 gr glossy cover with thick, matte lamination, perfect binding. Take as an 250-page standard, these are the costs:

- 100 copies: € 430

- , 200 copies: € 750

- 300 copies: € 1059

- 400 copies: € 1349

- 500 copies: € 1699

Let us now consider a standard type of print materials: white paper 100 gr, cover 300 gr with gloss lamination, perfect binding, Always 250 pages.

- 100 copies: € 358

- , 200 copies: € 604

- 300 copies: € 839

- ; 400 copies: € 1085

- 500 copies: € 1331

Well, we? At this point we have trawled the data contributions requested by various publishers and calculated the average demand for a book of 200 pages (so much less than those used by us as an example), it came out that the average contribution required by publishers pay is around € 2400 , a figure rounded to plenty defect.

The real cost of a print run of 250 copies is about € 750, and the contribution requested by the publishers for a print run of 250 copies is about € 2400 . And remember that this is contribution, or payment from the author of a part of the costs.
So we have a difference of about 1600 € between actual cost and total contribution : where does the money? But most of all because they are wondered whether it is spent?


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