Tuesday, January 26, 2010

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of the contest judges who ignore the Italian text and are angry if I see you XD

Shoot Wandering the world Forumfree colorful and picturesque neighborhood to hopefully find and innovative forum for writing, I came across a contest. In
results of a competition.
Ell, I knows that you have a problem with pronouns, use them thoughtlessly uscirtene for some coming evil sentence, you've probably noticed by itself, the first one I noticed was the "about me", besides the fact that is wrong in that context, you said a moment later with verbs in the first person you spoke to you, do not quote the others not to disappoint you further, we select to the fact that it is useless, and the subject, the usual, fried and rifritte, I'm really tired of always finding love, do nothing but deal with it all, and in exactly the same way between the other, a ball really But appreciate you centered on the theme of the contest, and finally the style, not at all innovative, fully transparent, conveys nothing, does not describe anything, you do not hear anything ago short, normal, not what I wanted to see.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is the eloquent assessment of what should be a judge. We have three accents, bad, even individuals, would cause a ringing in any matter of two Italian, two typos, a subjunctive went to women of easy virtue and a dose of arrogance and rudeness from the jaw to open wide and let it crawl ground for two hours.
I replied, of course, questioning the same education and abilities of those who, ignorant of grammar on the front, is in a position to comment and judge a text to a writing contest. The answer was:
So, first of all, I was in a hurry, I also have a private life, and an error every now and then we can stand , then the expression is really a ball I admit that was a little hard, but it was not related to the subject of the text, if you do not even read his work you'd better shut up , grammar, know it well, compared to someone else, let me remind you also that the court until I have evidence to the contrary, if you have something to criticize you must have the knowledge to do it, and it seems to me that here missing, otherwise it so be it, if you have something against me I'm ready to settle the matter civilly, and belonging this criticism is to criticize my work my skills as a critic, so unless your critical sense (not like now) I strongly recommend you not to talk.

Among other things you did not even make, who do you think you are?
Well well, what have we here? A court that justifies an opinion given by disgust with "I was in a hurry." Never mind, if not morivi delayed to give the results.
Then go to the "if you have not read the text be quiet," but who commented text? Not me for sure, I commented ways and grammar of the court. What then, say "if you do not have the knowledge that it is better to shut up" and put a wrong right after conjugation is brilliant XD Not to mention the professionalissimo "apartment" ...
Last but not least: " Who are you, you're not even present? "
pity that the presentation in the forum is not mandatory ... Find all

here. Happy reading XD


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