Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Reference Letter Beauty Therapist

urgent need to write Q: How

Ok, I must soon go back to writing something, otherwise I'm going crazy here. By dint of preparing exams, my already low-functioning neurons may finally collapse, I need to devote your time to go to some new fanfiction, otherwise I can officially say goodbye to my sanity.
By the way, when I have too many ideas and I can not even put up a paper for reasons of force majeure, I end up becoming highly irritable. Ergo, I find as soon as a bit of time and tranquility for a Fabriqué, or to begin to jot down something about Adam Johnson and David Silva - or rather, the triangle Adam / Silva / Villa (Johnsilvilla? O.o). Series, if not angst do not want them. And then
boh, I also write something about the Gunners. And on Carlota Fabregas. ♥

The question is: will I ever? ç_ç


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