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Something you need - Chapter 01/50

Title: Something you need
Fandom: Harry Potter
Character: Teddy Lupin
Prompt: 090.Casa
Rating: Green
Word Count: 2300
Abstract: The growth and Teddy told through the lives of 50 chapters that will end with his maturity and peace with himself.
Teddy Lupin loved many things about his grandmother: he loved his apple pie, so soft and sweet, loved to caress and kiss her good night in store for him every night since she was born, and watched with a smile on lips when busy in the garden, covered the ground, revealing so his childish side. But there were things I hated her grandmother and certainly excelled in all his slightly authoritarian tone and perfect affinity he shared with giving orders. Surely all of his education came at Villa Black, but appeared to be the only thing that still wore the back of her difficult childhood. However, if were not for Teddy, was canceled even that last trace of stiffness.
Notes: year from which the narration of the story is 2010, when Teddy is in his second year at Hogwarts, and then 12 years. [Other note below]
Disclaimer: The history and characters belong to JK Rowling (aside from a few invented, but a non-profit)
Table: Table

Important Notes: 100 fanfiction division of the table will be in two parts. 50 chapters costutuiranno Something you need in the years that I will talk to Hogwarts and the growth of the first Teddy Rowling's epilogue. The atria 50 chapters constitute the post-epilogue, and Teddy's life after school. I'll try to be as faithful as possible to the official information supplied by Rowling.

Something you need
Chapter 01/50

Teddy Lupin was very fond of things about his grandmother: he loved his apple pie, so soft and sweet, loved her caresses and goodnight kiss that reserved every night since he was born, and watched with a smile when busy in the garden is covered with earth, thus revealing his childish side. But there were things I hated her grandmother and certainly excelled in all his slightly authoritarian tone and perfect affinity he shared with giving orders. Surely all of his education came at Villa Black, but appeared to be the only thing that still wore the back of her difficult childhood. However, if were not for Teddy, was also cleared that last trace of stiffness. Andromeda tended her grandmother, without notice, to be rather severe and suitor, especially when the commissions entrusted to him. That was why when the boy saw a couple of boxes in hand, shuddered and his hair took on a rather pale color. Thanked him mentally to have his head in very worn baseball cap. He did not at that time to express your torment.
"Oh, here you are!" Said his grandmother saw him and placing the boxes on the marble table in the kitchen. Teddy came up to her and watched her start to tie with string the various boxes.
"Where were you?" He asked without looking. "I look for you for hours"
The boy began to scratch his wrist and looked at her grandmother. "I was in the garden," he said simply.
"Strange, I have not seen. Yet I have looked everywhere ... I'll be older too! "His crystalline laughter filled the kitchen and made her feel slightly embarrassed Teddy.
had not lied: it was really left in the garden. He was only omitted a few details. How to have accidentally hit a pair of vases and so may be dropped on her grandmother's hydrangeas making horribly flat. He was well past the time trying to hide it all in the hope that she forgot to have that type of plant.
"Here done! "Andromeda cheerful tone in the arms of Teddy put four boxes. Now he could no longer see her grandmother, but when he heard a scent of apple pie come from the boxes, he thought that after all was not a bad position.
"I had to return a tray to Molly, so I made a cake, but I thought it would be nice to bring one to every family," she explained as they walked toward the fireplace. The joy of Teddy faded in an instant when he realized the need to use the mentropolvere.
"I accompany you with the Dematerialization?" He asked sadly.
"No, I can not, I pour some plants in the garden" in the words Teddy bleaching, and even his hair, he could never control them.
"M-but because they work in the garden?" He chuckled nervously. "Nor is it a beautiful day!" Pointed to the outside through the window and when he saw his grandmother a typical sunny day in August, the reserved look bored with the addition of a raised eyebrow.
The boy giggled again as her grandmother waiting for something meaningful.
"Can you knit" said proud of his idea. "I really need a sweater"
"In August?" The demand for his grandmother did not have a tone that demanded answers.
"Every day that passes becomes more and more strange," he finally said with a sigh. "It will be the fault of all those drops of your mother."
Despite the amused tone in which he said, the woman began to bring tears to the memory of her daughter, so Teddy decided that if he had not wanted to cry, that was the right time to go.
"I will soon," he smiled at his grandmother and by slightly staggering the boxes took a handful of magic dust. He looked at his hand where the bright dust began to fall into small granules. He cast a last glance at his grandmother, who by now had turned his back and threw down the substance.
"Potter's House!" shouted just before being sucked into the green flames.

What I hated the Floo Network was not the initial feeling of emptiness and then the thud that followed, but simply hated find themselves full of dust. He hated even feel the tingling salirgli nose, a sign that there would have sneezed a few minutes. And he did so, making boxes and stagger out with a miraculous leap from the chimney. He sighed, grateful not to have fallen and I hope with all my heart not to have done damage to the living room into a full order of Ginny.
"Who's there?" Sweet female voice soon came to the ears, and soon after he heard footsteps and appeared in his view a woman with bright red hair. She held in her arms a child which was his copy in miniature. The small hands clasped the woman's apron and his eyes half shut.
"Oh Teddy!" Happiness lit up her face at the sight of Ginny's boyfriend. "Come, shed that weight, you can place everything on the table in the kitchen," she said started for the corridor.
Teddy followed her, smiling, put the woman's happiness with a single glance.
"Harry there?" He asked as he entered the sunny kitchen. He was very willing to spend some time 'with his godfather because they had stopped the night before an enthusiastic discussion on broomsticks.
"No, it is to work, "explained a Lily relying almost completely dormant in the box that had been placed for convenience in the kitchen. "He's working overtime to stay at home on his birthday" point on the baton and they began to wash dishes.
"Ok" he said with a little 'disappointed. "My grandmother asked me to bring you an apple pie, I have to go round all the houses, will focus on a future as a messenger," said Ginny giggle doing.
"Thanks so much Andromeda smiled taking one of the boxes and putting them in the cupboard.
"Surely," said Teddy happy. "James and Albus?" Wanted to stay as possible and play with them would be a more fun and entertaining.
"still asleep," said Ginny as she took the toy from the floor. "I look forward to going to Hogwarts, they are pests. In my time I thought my brothers would be devastating, but now I have changed my mind, "laughed thinking of his children and made her smile even Teddy.
The boy felt sad, however, the only moments of companionship with James and Albus were the ones during the holidays, but they were still much smaller than him. So the only time he did not feel at all was only during the school year: he had his friends at Hogwarts. Like Jeremy, his best friend.
"I Hogwarts is missing? "asked Ginny be able to see a trace of sadness in his eyes. "Are you ready for the second year?"
Teddy thought for a moment and replied truthfully. "I really miss him. Sometimes I feel alone. I have all of you, but I think that this is not enough, "he said simply. Ginny read those words in all the maturity of the boy and went to give him a kiss on the forehead.
"See what I mean?" He asked in a whisper. The woman stroked her hair and looked into his eyes.
"Yes, I understand, but not enough" and it was true, they both knew. The only one I could understand it was Harry, but at that moment there was no Teddy and the simple touch of maternal Ginny. At least at that moment was all he needed.
"Now I go," said detaching and collecting the remaining boxes. He walked to the fireplace as you came in and dropped the magazine from hitting one of the furniture. From the Daily Prophet came a puff and the rebuke of the prime minister came to him clear from the first page. 'A bit of respect boy! "
Teddy reached a reddish color and fell trying to fix everything, but the weight of the boxes had him reeling. "I'll, quiet," said Ginny issuing a urletto while trying not to laugh. That boy
was much like Tonks! So clumsy and sweet.
Teddy greeted her and quickly disappeared into the chimney not wanting to combine other disasters.

The scene of the fire is repeated Ron and Hermione and Teddy felt himself sinking embarrassment when it struck the table and fell on the chair. Miraculously he escaped with the boxes and not crush, his grandmother would certainly kill him if he was not so. He handed the cake to Hermione and Ron asked. He learned that he was at work, more than anything else to keep company with Harry. He played a bit 'with Hugo and Rose gobbiglie, but when the child tried to eat one asked Hermione lay them in a safe place and decided going to finish his deliveries. Passed by Molly Weasley and Mr. Merlino and thanked for having avoided the itching of the nose. He took off a little 'dust off and had a long talk with Arthur on the functionality of the vacuum cleaner, being on topic.
"Stay for lunch dear!" Begged Molly. "I send an owl to Andromeda and remain here today," he said without asking.
"Thanks Mrs. Weasley, but I also go to Bill," said Teddy embarrassed. For every woman it seemed appropriate for him to eat. Harry and Ron had explained that it was a part of herself that she had with him for many years.
greeted quickly and reached Shell Cottage. While still in the fireplace sighed heavily. That was certainly the delivery more difficult. He set his hat so that the hair was hidden as possible and tried to give an air of at least acceptable. Crossed the fireplace and put more attention than usual to put control where your feet.
"Hey Teddy! What good wind, "said Bill entered the room.
"Hello Bill" returned the greeting. The man took the hand of the box, gave him a few pats on the back flying a lot 'of dust and then put his whole arm around her shoulders.
"I do not know what a relief to see you," exclaimed heartened. "Here I'm going crazy, are the only man, I hope that my next child is a boy, or have admitted to St. Mungo, "he said with sincerity.
Teddy found himself in no time to joke with him and after a period that seemed finally decided that if he did not want to risk a folder to the Ministry, under wizards disappeared, it was better to go home.
He returned to the living room and paused to look at that beautiful house, decorated with fine French furniture, the wonderful marble staircase that went down right in the living room made him feel completely out of place and tried to settle the hat, but that's no rose effect. He turned intent to leave, but a voice made him give up from doing so.
"Teddy? Is that you? "The blond haired girl with blue eyes and down the stairs, more like a goddess to a human. The arrival of the forehead and hugged him. Teddy felt himself die, and his hair turned red as fire. Thanked him for the umpteenth time his hat, and decided that he would just come home and a small altar dedicated would sacrifice one of his stuffed animals.
now the head of the girl's chest and came to her surprise, she laughed.
"How did you grow so much this summer?" He asked moving away from him and watching him.
Teddy felt even worse, he was so embarrassed that she could not remain standing.
"My grandmother says it was her with a spell, so now because I can get to the top of the dresser drawer, without his help or magic," he said in one breath a minute after repenting.
"How cute you are" said Victoria with fresh eyes as he took a lock of hair and start playing.
He remembered something that Ron had told him long ago. If a girl calls you sweet is not good, even if you define fun is even worse. He thought that perhaps there was still hope, Victorie not considered funny.
"You're sweet and nice, the friend that everyone wants" gli disse lei facendo cadere tutte le sue certezze e le speranze. Non c’era nessun presente e neanche nessun futuro per loro due. Capì di dover passare quella cotta infantile che portava avanti da un bel po’. Non gli andava di sembrare ancora più stupido del solito.
“Devo andare” disse distaccato a Victorie, facendole perdere il sorriso.
Si girò in fretta e con una determinazione che non aveva mai avuto arrivò al camino senza inciampare.
Prese la polvere magica e sparì in fretta desiderando con ansia di potersi stendere sul suo letto e dormire fino al mattino seguente.

Arrivò a casa tentennando ed i suoi capelli, come succedeva solo raramente, tornarono di un marrone chiaro. Cercò his grandmother to tell her that he had returned and found her in the chair intently reading the weekly witches. "Oh darling!" Put down his newspaper and looked at him. "In the kitchen there's a girl waiting for you, is coming to bring you a package, but wants delivered personally," he said with disappointment.
"A package?! For me? "Not surprised at his tone astonished her grandmother, who nodded.
Teddy went to the kitchen, with a mixture of curiosity and fear in the veins. It seemed all so strange. Her hair became so blue came back and took his hat just before he had thrown on the couch.
"Ah, Teddy?" he called his grandmother.
"Yes?" Replied the boy putting on his hat.
"Do you know if what happened to my hydrangeas?"

*** Final Notes ***
I know that the Daily Prophet does not speak, but I did not want to delete that part and beat Teddy against a framework, it would have been exaggerated.
Since 2010, the characters of the next generation to meet this age: 5 years

James Albus has 4 years
Lily Rose
2 years 4 years 2 years

Hugo Victor
Dominique has 10 years 9 years
Louis is not yet born, I just wanted Fleur was pregnant at the beginning of history.
These are the only official, the other will try to adapt.


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