Thursday, December 31, 2009

Woke Up Puking And Diarrhea

Happy New Year to all authors for

I hate them, these posts. You know you have all your friends / enemies (hello, spies, I turned and I see the statistics! Once a day come, eh?) That you expect your message to see if they'll laugh in the hope to know what went well and what did not ... and also to confront the post to see what is the most beautiful, a little 'how males are competing to see who's got the longest XDDD

Mah This year has been heard. Every 365 days to arrive on December 31 with anxiety and hope that next year is finally the right one , the beautiful one from first to last day (or at least most days, come on). ; But every time we throw ourselves in a mess worse
XDD I do not know to judge this year, because if it is true that one side is the year by far the most ugly, nasty, bastard HUMILIATING of my life was also the year where I met very important people who follow me the rest of my life.
We are in a stalemate, then: 2009 is unclassifiable.
hope in a better 2010? But no, every time I hope things get worse: in 2010 we hope worse!

Best wishes to all my friends, to you that I love and I want you too bad. No, I want you bad, consider that there is even more XD So good that things are well with you, that you are not beasts of mica, is not it? Oo I hope

Big hugs tightly to the other, a kiss on the mouth to my man, my love and a bite to the Queen and mammah papàh Ele vv



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