Thursday, September 3, 2009

Get Sponsored Monster

Alias Dominic Purcell, another member (by sbav * C *) of Prison Break. Because I've got the balls turn a little more 'of fanservice (As taught queenseptienna XD) does not hurt uu

not * CCC *?

Our Lincoln has a wardrobe and a physical nature from criminal mafia half, but it's as good as bread. It 's a bit selfish sometimes, but actually has a heart of gold and is so puccioso \u0026lt;3
Yes, pucciosità Burrows in a character like we see it just me XDD Then
a dickhead as little and stubborn as me, if you listen more to the little genius brother Michael would be better * ninth * Then the last episode of the giant cow Cristina (Christina? Boh) Scofield revealed that Lincoln was adopted o_____o
That is, Paul T. Scheuring. I speak with you, I worship and idolize you for your genius.
What the fuck are you doing, get inspired by Beautiful?! o.o

* takes another picture * drools * quiet *


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